Low fat strawberry and rhubarb frozen yogurt

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This is great for any ice cream lovers out there who are trying to cut back, a low fat alternative way of eating your favourite dessert. Although I’ve chose to do a fruity strawberry and rhubarb frozen yogurt, you can experiment at home with any of your favourite yogurt and fruit flavours.

For this frozen yogurt, all you’ll need is:
300g fresh strawberries
450g Rachel’s organic low fat rhubarb yogurt
200g natural Greek yogurt

Step1) First of all, measure out all of your ingredients, then place in a large bowl. With a hand blender, blend all of the ingredients together to form a smooth and creamy liquid, which should be pale pink in colour.

Step2) Find a clean empty plastic container with a lid, and pour the creamy mixture in, place in the freezer to set. This will take a few hours, but once it’s set it’ll be ready for you to enjoy. It’s so simple to do, let me know how you get on and what other flavours you’ve experimented with!


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