Month: October 2013

Halloween ghost cupcakes!

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These fun ghost cupcakes are simple to do and will certainly impress your halloween guests! 1380396_10152013611989388_1428548594_n

All you’ll need for these cupcakes is Betty Crocker’s red velvet cupcake mix (Yes I cheated, but these are all about the decoration :p) So follow the easy step by step instructions on the cake mix box before decorating with the marshmallow frosting.

Now for decoration (Marshmallow frosting):

4 eggs whites

250g caster sugar

60ml water

1tsp vanilla extract

Black icing pen


Step 1) In a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water whisk together the egg whites, sugar and water for 10-15 minutes until thick and glossy. Leave to cool before adding the vanilla extract and giving a final whisk before spooning into a piping bag.

Step2) When piping onto the cupcakes, do it as if it was a snow man in three squeezes to create the layers and look like a ghost. No need to wait for the frosting to set before icing on the eyes and mouths as it’s quite firm like a marshmallow.

Once iced they are ready for you to enjoy!


Atomic burger bristol

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Okay, it isn’t exactly cake based, but atomic burger has to be the single best burger place i’ve ever been. With an exciting menu of food (great for film lovers) you’ll be spoilt for choice, so I highly recommend! 1385818_10151979890164388_1421210676_n

I had the Boris Karloff burger which is make it yourself (frankenstein), so you choose the burger, from beef, chicken or veggie, then choose three toppings and a side dish. So I had BBQ pulled pork with bacon and american cheese, along with fries. It’s such an exciting experience, with so much to choose from you’ll be going back again and again for more.


Atomic burger Twitter 189 Gloucester RoadBristol, BS7 8BG U.K.