Healthy new year…

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Isn’t it everyones resolution, but nobody can usually stick to it and gives in to all those chocolate treats…

But with these yummy, yet low calorie snacks you’ll be able to resist temptation.

Why not try swapping crisps for popcorn? With only 87 cals per bag and a range of flavours from sweet and salty to sour cream and chive.popcorn

Try swapping chocolate dessert mousses and full fat yogurts to fat free yogurts, Rachel’s Strawberry and rhubarb is my favourite!

yogurtss yogurt

and finally, instead of buying a bag of your favourite sweets, swap for a bag of dried fruit, very sweet and much healthier than jelly sweets. My personal favourite would be dried mango! mango  So next time you’re craving sweet and naughty snacks, try replacing them with these treats instead and keep on track to shed those few pounds.

I’ll post some healthy snack recipes and ideas throughout this month, so keep an eye out!


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