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Strawberry, vanilla and rhubarb jam

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Strawberry, vanilla and rhubarb jam.


Strawberry, vanilla and rhubarb jam

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Perfect on toast, or inside a Victoria sponge cake with cream. I thought why not use lovely fruits that are currently in season that I can enjoy in a jam with various treats. An easy and simple recipe, which is very versatile. 20140315-225725.jpg

1 tbsp vanilla extract
Chopped 1kg strawberries
Chopped 1kg rhubarb
2 cups of jam sugar
1/2 cup of water
Squirt of lemon juice

Method- Step1) place a plate in the freezer for later testing of the jam. In a pan, add all of your ingredients and cook for between 10-15 minutes, until the fruit has soften and formed a jam like texture.

Step2) Sterilise your jars by filling with boiling water. Spoon a tea spoon of your jam mixture onto the frozen plate, if it forms a jam like consistency when cooled then it’s ready to jar, if not then continue cooking until it does.