The traffic light system

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Since the recent food traffic light system has been put in place, i’ve really found how useful it’s been and how my opinion of food choices while shopping has changed.

The system-

The system is pretty simple in terms of how it works, when something is highlighted green it’s good for you, when amber it’s alright, but could be bette and red is bad.

Before this information might have been all the same colour and personally I would never take much notice, but now since this system has been in place, i’ve had a lot more concern as to whether a product has high salt, sugar or fat content and generally look for products with all amber and green nutritional labels. I believe this system will have a great impact on nutrition in the UK and help a lot of people choose a healthier diet.

Obviously some products that we, personally I love such as cakes and chocolates are going to have high sugar and fat content, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat them, it means as long as we eat them in moderation knowing the traffic light system then we’ll be able to have a much healthier diet.

Hundreds of food manufactures have become a part of the system, so next time you go shopping look out for the nutritional traffic light information!

Follow this link to the NHS Live well page for more information,


One thought on “The traffic light system

    Janis Felidae said:
    August 7, 2013 at 6:33 am

    The traffic system was being considered and 75% of general public want it in Germany but unfortunately our government dismissed to launch it until now. Stupid food industry fights it and stupid government obey :-/

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